Top 7 Online Entry Test Preparation Sites in Pakistan

Entry Test Preparation for MCAT and ECAT is seriously an uphill task for the students of Pakistan.

It’s a serious dilemma for the pupils who are living in a village where they get 90%+ marks in the HSSC annual examination, but when it comes to preparing for the Entry Test, they get low marks because of no academy.

For them, I have found some free and paid websites where they can prepare for online entry test preparation even for the MCAT or ECAT.

Site 1: EntryTestMcqs

It’s a great site when it comes to free preparation for MCAT and ECAT. If you choose a wrong option, a cross sign is displayed. It has more than 4000 MCQs that is great for preparation.

Site 2: GoTest

It has a lot of MCQs where you can practice for free – Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English. Of course, you can select any test: ECAT, MCAT, and Medical.


Site 3: IlmKiDunya

It’s one of the oldest websites for Entry Test Preparation. It’s playing a big role in education. Take a look

Site 4: GeekMCQ

It’s very simple website for Entry Test Preparation. You can see the correct answer of an MCQ easily by clicking “View Answer”. It has more than a thousand MCQs.

Site 5: StudyAndExam

The website has MCQs only of Physics – more than 120 MCQs along with correct options.

Site 6: Gneet

This website is very helpful if you’re looking for a website that has more than 500 MCQs for a single chapter and 20,000 MCQs of Physics, Chemistry and Biology with correct options. Note: the website is not of Pakistan, but it’s helpful for clearing the concepts.

Site 7: NUST Official

It’s the official website of NUST where you can check how the test might be taken. But no correct answers are given!

BONUS: Best Websites for Clearing the Concepts

Clearing the concepts for Entry Test Preparation is essential as it’s seen many students have confusions when they try to clear their concepts, they don’t find a teacher. Don’t Worry! and websites are for you where every topic of Physics. Chemistry, Math, and Biology is taught in Urdu.
Website: and

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